Our warning and information texts

In order to maintain delivery capability, some of our premium surfaces have been changed!
The visual differences correspond to a batch-related area and are therefore not noteworthy.
In case of doubt or when reordering, please request a color sample!
ATTENTION: Surfaces can become hot when exposed to sunlight – RISK OF BURNING!
Coated, film-wrapped parts must not be permanently exposed to sunlight, as this will result in loss of quality – e.g. stains on the coated surface!
Foil must be removed no later than 14 days after delivery. The film must be removed before cutting and installation!
Factory protective film does not exclude surface defects! Inspection absolutely necessary!
Please see our current list of surfaces.
If in doubt, ask for a color sample!
Follow our processing guidelines in the currently valid version!
The technical and national legal compliance of our products is the responsibility of the purchaser!
CAUTION WITH WOOD DECOR: There may be considerably more knots on large areas.
Knots, regardless of the number, are due to technical reasons and are not a reason for complaint!
Don’t want Knots?
Choose one of our decors without knots. We are happy to help!
Photos of larger surfaces can be found here: Wood decor details
  • Color tone effects possible and probable due to base material!
  • Extended delivery time!
  • ELOXAL can lead to unforeseeable delays in delivery!
  • Rapid subsequent deliveries are NOT possible!
No compensation can be paid if the coated profiles are stored improperly.
The durability of the coated profiles can only be guaranteed if they are professionally cleaned at regular intervals, once a year!
Please follow our care and cleaning recommendations!
We ask for your understanding that we cannot assume any costs for unforeseen delays such as traffic jams, traffic controls, accidents, technical defects, etc., e.g. downtimes of your fitters, … etc.! Penalties are not accepted without exception!
Delivery to construction sites is not recommended and will only take place at your express request!
The client is responsible for proper unloading facilities (forklift – also for construction site deliveries). The driver is not legally authorized to assist with manual unloading. If there is no contact person or no possibility of unloading on delivery, we must charge standing times, temporary storage costs or a new journey.
These terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment apply.
  • This order shall only be legally effective and binding for the Contractor if the Client provides the following alternative means of security to secure payment of the purchase price concurrently with acceptance of this order:
  • The contractor has the appropriate credit rating so that the client can be insured by the contractor’s credit insurance in accordance with the amount of the order;
  • non-revocable abstract bank guarantee from a domestic bank for the amount of the purchase price with a term of 3 months beyond the due date of the purchase price;
  • Payment in advance
By approving this order, you agree to our General Terms and Conditions in the currently valid form – available on our homepage AGB– to!
If you do not revoke this order confirmation within one day, your order will be executed in accordance with our terms and conditions!
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