• 1966   Georg Stemeseder laid down the foundation stone for today´s company in Hallein, Austria. His new company focused on the takeover of distribution agencies in the Austrian market and expanded to two employees in 1967.

    1968   the company had grown to ten employees; it now has 170.

    1995    In the 1990s, a lack of spave led to the decision to construct a new company building. In 1994 the company moved into its new, architecturally appealing building in Hof near Salzburg.
    When Austria joined the European Union, the company's business realationships began to change and important decisions had to be taken: The development of protection systems for wooden windows made from aluminium heralded a new era in the company. The innovative products were presented for the first time at the "BAU 99" exhibtion in Munich, and the high levels demand in the market led to rapid growth.

    1999    1999 together with Mr. Johann Itzlinger, Mr. Eng. Edgar Stemeseder assumed executive management of the company. The original distribution business was restructured.

    2007    To increase the quality of the products and to improve the levels of flexibility, in the year 2007 the decision was taken to invest in the company´s manufacturing business.

    2008    the new manufacturing systems went into operation. The company was thus able to draw on the latest powder coating systems and welding systems.

    2010    Due to the rapid rates of growth the existing levels of capacity quickly hit their limits and the operations were extended once again in the year 2010. In addition to further capacity, new production lines for aluminium front doors, door panels and aluminium facings for front doors were also established
    Today, the company G.S. Georg Stemeseder GmbH is also a designer of systems for aluminium front doors, aluminium facings and door panels.

    2015    2015 the company invested in an additional coating system and a new storage facility.
    The company has also risen to the challange of becoming an international business, and has established itself on the European market with success.


  • The technical advice   provided by our own internal application engineers, and the constant further development ensure the technically high level of standard. The modern storage facility in Hof near Salzburg is a further guarantee for reliability.

    Decades of experience in the field of aluminium, consequential quality policy, customer orientation and reliable delivery service are the main priorities in the house of STEMESEDER.

    Questioning the status quo and setting new standards with innovations.

    It is with this philosophy that we have become a know-how leader in the area of wood-aluminium systems.

    We don´t do things by halves - which means we believe a successful partnership starts with the development, encompassing optimum support and advice as well as a rapid response customer service.
    We combine our efforts to achieve the perfect system solutions with our longstanding customers. We are only satisfied when you are!

    The professional technical advice provided by our experienced application engineers and our continuous further development ensure our high technical standards.The ultra-modern manufacturing at STEMESEDER is a further guarantee for durability and perfect functioning.

    As an owner managed family business, at STEMESEDER we stand up for every product that leaves our company with our good name. For this reason we always prioritize quality, sustainability and long term partnerships over making a quick buck.


Römerstraße 3
5322 Hof bei Salzburg


Phone: +43 (6229) 3100-0
Fax: +43 (6229) 3100-60